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dead on arrival e-book excerpts

I got asked by a few people to post some excerpts of the dead on arrival e-book so they can get an idea of what it’s all about. here they are, for all you loyal people who support my art. thank’s a 1000 times.

first one is “circus circus”, second “there aren’t just flowers in the garden”. for those interested in the tech. I produced both songs using propellerheads reason for the beats, then added the real instruments in the studio.

listen to circus circus

listen to “there aren’t just flowers in the garden”

you can buy the ebook here


Dead On Arrival E-Book and Music

here it is finally, as promised. the Dead On Arrival E-Book and Music. I put together pics, scores of the music and personal notes and turned them into an E-Book including all 25 tracks at $30.

Dead On Arrival is my 2009 cut-ups experiment inspired by william burroughs. the performance has been very successful here in munich.

click the button below to get all the goodies right away.

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I use e-junkie as the shopping platform. it’s save, fast and you’ll have the goods right on your screen within 2 minutes.

I hope you’ll enjoy the music and the book as much as I enjoyed making it!

dead on arrival e-book with music

I’ve been in sicily for the last 3 weeks and have 1 more week to go. as stated earlier, I’ve been planning a book version of my last album “dead on arrival“. the print, though, seems too expensive right now to make it happen so I decided to publish it online.

the book includes 52 pages of background information on the music, all the lyrics and excerpts of the scores. plus I’ll attach the music to it.

right now I’m in the phase of figuring out the best way to provide the book (which will be a pdf file) and the music as one item for download. I’ll probably use e-junkie as the shopping platform. they seem to be the easiest and efficient online download shops.

I’ll keep you posted about when the book will launch and what the price will be.

if you have any tips on how to best provide the files, please let me know.

also, if you#re interested in pre-ordering, please shoot me an email to


listen like a pro

if you’d like to know how pros listen to music, esp. music they get sent by artist, listen to the sampler my friend over at realistic sound made of my last album “dead on arrival“. the album has 25 tracks, some of which are really long. (total play time ca. 85 minutes)

listen to the whole album in only 12 minutes. no record label exec. would spend more time on your album than that, probably even less. I’d guess between 5-6 minutes max. and that’s if the first impression is somewhat interesting to them.

keep that in mind, next time you send stuff to a label.

here’s the sampler:

radio air play

so far my last year’s album dead on arrival has had radio airplay in

the netherlands
united kingdom
united states

thanks to all the stations and listeners who like the music!

today’s “dead on arrival” show CANCELLED!

caution tape

this is just a reminder that my show “dead on arrival” today at feinspeiserei got cancelled due to building inspector’s safety concerns regarding the building’s structure. they closed the club down a couple of weeks ago. sad to see such a cool location dissapear.

anyway, there’s NO SHOW TONIGHT at feinspeiserei.

I’ll keep you all posted about the next big performance.


concert at feinspeiserei dec19th cancelled

the performance on dec.19th at feinspeiserei has been cancelled because the club was shut down a couple of days ago.

I tried to find a location to play bits of the show dead on arrival for you anyway but it’s too short notice and all the clubs I wanted are booked.

I’ll try to arrange something close to the original gig and keep you posted here on the blog.

in the meantime enjoy some of my music plus some very exciting sounds from my friends demander, ken thomson‘s gutbucket and others on orkaanmusic radio to stay warm. no. hot!