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9 live streams, 2 life challenges, 1 summer retirement

with easter being the start to a new annual quarter I’d like to announce some changes in my life.

9 live streams called “Zen & The Art Of Rockstarliving” I will broadcast here every monday at 7pm (CEST). this time I’ve actually given it some thought instead of just winging it. the streams will still be approx. 30 minutes long and in each stream I will present the following:

  • 1 person who inspires me and/or has some sort of influence on my work.
  • 1 book that I think is worth reading.
  • 1 weekly update of a monthly life challenge (in april the personal challenge is to go minimalist, to choose what posessions I really need and to get rid of all the unnescessary clutter.)
  • 1 “zen & the art of rockstarliving” section during which I either challenge music business assumptions or challenge myself to go superhuman without going the “realistic” route in this business.
  • 1 live performance of a piece of music

I’ll post the program of every stream so you don’t miss any of the news.

there’ll be a second life challenge in may. what it will be, I don’t know yet. suggestions are welcome!

then, starting in june I’ll be on a long summer retirement in sicily and new york city, where I’ll enjoy life, my family, record my new album Music Of Ghouls, and do some extra work to help musicians improve their artistry (that project is still top secret! I’ll reveal it in june).

if everything goes as planned I’ll be in sicily all of june and in new york all of july and august. there’ll be more live streams from either of those locations. I’m especially looking forward to streaming from the recording sessions in NYC.

I’m looking forward to your input, so please, let me know of any chalenges I should try, anything you’d like to discuss etc…


review 1st quarter 2010 – “timferris” your life

is it cool to keep a log of all the things you do? I tried it for a while now and have to say, yes it’s cool. it let’s you track your progress and eliminate time wasters. as many of you already know, I “tim ferris” my life to be able to use my time the way I want to.

I run a log on my laptop using MacJournal, which works fine and doesn’t have any fancy features that keep you from staying productive.

I also realized it makes sense to write down daily successes, everything from “been to gym” to “got that deal signed”. writing down successes makes your progress trackable and it gives you a sense of your own productivity. also, you can go back and check if you’re still on target or if you’re procrastinating.

I decided that in 2010 I’ll do a quarterly review of the things I’ve done to get myself on target again and to improve my productivity. it’s not an elaborate load of work, just a few notes and a few bulletpoints. the review doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes.

here’s my first quarter of 2010. things I’ve done:

1. designed a new online music licensing model catering to the film and advertising industry (will be online in april)
2. researched the idea of opening a coffeetruck in munich. (which doesn’t work at this point due to city regulations)
3. I went running 120k in january.
4. started kettlebell training (still doing and loving it. want to get certified in the summer)
5. got a basement room to free the apartment of all our “office stuff”. the apartment is now living space exclusively, no office anywhere in sight!
6. remodelled the apartment into a semi-loft (knocked out some walls)
7. cleaned out my music studio. there’s no more music business stuff in my studio, only instruments and recording equipment)
8. I got an attractive drop-shipping deal from my audio book distributor.
9. I batched all projects throughout 2010 (currently working on 5 big music related projects)
10. got tickets for cirque du soleil on my birthday (wanted to see their show for years)
11. I played lots of shows around town
12. got the design for the “dead on arrival” book (will be available soon)
13. wrote new songs (+few sketches) for the new album “music of ghouls” (basically all songs for the new album are finished and ready for recording)
14. got a revolving stage built and used it in two shows
15. put on a big show with dancers and acrobats. Virtual Reality Circus.
16. connected with new artists
17. started a regular live online stream from my studio (“in the shed with juergen” runs every monday at 7pm CEST)
18. got equipment from a friend for april recording (starting on the new album)
19. started to do solo performances (upright bass & voice) with great success and great feedback
20. learned about dynamic pricing models
21. designed a fanbased funding method for my projects

these are in no specific order. I did all this while still spending half a day with my daughter and wife, basically working half a day. (working includes playing shows and writing music, which I don’t consider work but bliss!)

and what’s to come for the 2nd quarter? more shows, more cool projects to help musicians improve their practicing effectiveness, and a 2 month trip to new york to record parts of my album, hang and have fun!)

btw: any new yorkers out there who hear about an apartment for rent in july and august (pref. in the east village) let me know.

p.s. I’d be interested in your experiences with keeping a log, batching actions and your overall tim ferris experience.

Tim Ferris “The 4 hour work week” 2nd edition

tim ferris juergen reiter

So here it is. the second edition of tim ferris’ new york times bestseller “4hour work week“. it is a remarkable piece of action building entrepeneur’s guide. loaded with unbelievable large quantities of tips from outsourcing your personal and business life to geoarbitrage to performance boosting activities to houdini like tricks to work from anywhere in the world without your boss even notizing it.

but what really makes this 2nd edition of the 4 hour work week a grrrreat read is that…

I’m in it!

yes. my letter to tim called “zen and the art of rockstarliving” made it into the book. woohooooo! thank you tim!

seriously, though, I really recommend this book to everyone who has the dream of being self employed or who’s unhappy in their job or with their life. this one will make you take action and that’s what’s so important.

tim’s blog is here

read it and start to play!

run 4 fun – urban trail 2010 – part 1

lifestyle experiment running

I decided it’s time for a nother asskickin’ lifestyle experiment.

I like to run. I’m not fast and I’m not competitive. I just like to run. I run 4 fun.

to make the fitness aspect of my life more challenging and to have a goal, I make up lifestyle fitness projects. in 2009 I went biking in sicily, did about 500k through the island, got attacked by stray dogs while doing it. fun things.

in 2010 I’m going to challenge myself by doing the urban trail, running through the city streets vs. running in the park.

to start out I’ll do 160k through munich, germany. 40k a week, 10k four days a week.

do I run for a cause?

I run 4 fun. if it’s inspirational to others, even better. runners are smilers, running keeps you fit and relaxed and it puts a smile on your face whenever things get rough. that’s cause enough.

run 4 fun

urban trail 2010

outsourcing twitter

well, here we go. I’m thinking about outsourcing my twitter. what a phrase. 10 years ago, 5 years ago, this sentence would not have made any sense at all. and now look at it. it can be said, and what’s even more scary, it can be done!

to avoid any misunderstanding. I won’t hire word waving gunslingers to write excellent content or let professionals from far away countries handle all my multimillion followers.

I just have too many sources to take care of. I’m a musician and I keep realizing over and over again that there is nothing more exciting to me than playing music, writing music, producing, and most importantly, performing music live.

but it’s been getting harder and harder to pursue what excites me because the tool started to demand it’s own life.

now, facebook, twitter, reverbnation, myspace and all the other sites you’re supposed to be on have turned against me. backstabbin’ at the BBQ! that’s what it is. just when I thought everything was going smoothly they stuck the knife in deep and now they are trying to dictate my day. “tweet this, tweet that, NO! don’t tweet THAT! look who’s on facebook, hey! a new application, have it or be square!

enough is enough, after they demanded another raise just last night I told them I’d outsource them. one at a time. gotta get rid of the junk.

starting with twitter. I outsourced twitter as of now to my blog, this very blog you’re reading right now. to your blog?

yes. to my blog.

I won’t be on twitter anymore. all my blogentries will be posted on twitter automytically via twitterfeed.comthis way I can concentrate on this blog just a little bit more to make it special.

so, greetings, farewell and welcome!


sicily, a minimalist summer vacation to foster pure productivity

taormina sicily

I’m about to head out to the airport to go to sicily for a minimalist summer vacation. 8 weeks of pure productivity, sports and fun!  I’ll improve my italian for three weeks at babilonia in taormina. I’ll be on a bike for three weeks to take in sicily’s amazing landscape and meet it’s people off the beaten track.

I’ll go with the family, of course, and we have as little luggage as possible (2 midsized bags for three people, incl. all my bike and running gear), a stroller and baby seat for the car we’re going to rent.

it’s going to be a frugal minimalist life!

I’ll post from the road and twitter andventures. stay tuned.

eliminating the office


this is the first post in my new category cut-up lifestyle experiments. the goal is to get out of the comfort zone, to de-construct old habits and to form new ones, be more productive by erasing the couch potato existence and ultimately to find out the impact (mentally and physically) of cutting up ones behaviour.

after several trials which I didn’t write about, this will be the first cut-up experiment I publicly post.

the challenge is to get rid of my office in may and to start working from any desired wireless spot on the planet.

how’s it going to work?

it was getting too comfortable to just sit there, surf the web, call it research and go home after long hours of zero accomplishment. so, I started to de-clutter a while ago and now my office looks more like a warehouse of never-made-desicions than a real office and it is no fun anymore to work here. there’s too much debris of things I haven’t used in ages piling up and collecting dust everywhere.

So, I’ll start this cut-up by de-cluttering radically, find better places to store items that can’t be eliminated (tax-papers and such), sell things I don’t need or haven’t touched in 6 months, and set up my laptop to maximize the impact by turning it into my only office-brain from now on. the cut-up experiment includes the elimination of paper in the office (as much as possible) and to do anything online that can be done online.

the cut-up will be finished by the end of may, by which I’ll be office-less, working whenever, wherever.

sounds like a dream and I can’t wait to live it.