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“who’s my audience?” newsletter & giveaways

a lot of times I feel I don’t have any connection to my fans, clients, whatever you want to call them. the people out there, so to say. I’m in the studio working on music or my ideas most of the time. it’s a closed think tank kind of environment, which I love because it provides the mental and physical space to create create create. yet, at the end of the day I often feel disconnected, despite all the social media interaction. something along the lines of “I don’t know who my audience is”.

well, it’s going to change because it’s crucial.

here’s the ultimate newsletter signup.

I started to whip my newsletter in shape. please sign up if you’re interested in my world of “Zen and the Art of Rockstarliving“.

as a start, I’ll give away 3 songs during the next 3 weeks. 1 song per week.

the cool thing about it, these songs have not yet been released. they are not even finished. they are in the progress of being recorded and will be out in october. what you get are exclusive raw tracks from rehearsals and preproduction of the album.


let me know what you think.

  • first song goes out to you may 28th
  • second on june 4th
  • third on june 11th

p.s. if you’re not interested in my music, please tell those of your friends who might be interested. this way you do them a favour, yourself and me.

happy hunting!


live streaming again – new shows

I’ve got a couple of shows coming up in may and hope some of you can make it out to see the performances. it’s exciting because there will be no band in may. it’s just me and my bass (and all the weird people in my head).

here are the dates:

9-22 may, soundinstallation for tilman krumrey’s ATEM, a stunning 3D piece. briennerstr.48, munich

(in collaboration with muenchen 852)

22 may, live at klangfest munich, labels of munich present their artists, 29 band – 4 stages – 1 day

26 may, teamtheater comedy, announcing world domination

to give you a little taste of what’s coming I posted the above video, plus I’ll be streaming again every monday evening from my studio (at 7pm), giving you the latest ups and downs of my musical adventures.

hope to see you at the shows and/or chat with you during the streams.

practice and the masses will follow

back in music college I had a friend (guitarist) who constantly complained about how he didn’t have a girlfriend and how it was impossible for him to meet anybody.

one day a teacher walked by, heard it and said: “well, practrice instead of complaining. become a killer performer on your instrument and the girls will kick your door in!”

guess that’s today’s lesson: focus on what’s important! be remarkable and “they” will follow!

Think Tank

lock yourself up and do only music for a set amount of time. 1-3  hours a day, a whole day, 2 days, one week etc…

during that time nothing, really nothing, may interfere with what you do! you draw a circle around yourself and don’t let any of the day to day business get into that circle. nothing and noone gets in!

exclude everybody and everything! only take care of your artistry in the think tank. you’d be surprised how much faster you get ahead if you deliberately exclude things and people from your “artist time”.

think tank does not involve organisational work, either. only artistry.

eliminate and exclude, no limits!

review 1st quarter 2010 – “timferris” your life

is it cool to keep a log of all the things you do? I tried it for a while now and have to say, yes it’s cool. it let’s you track your progress and eliminate time wasters. as many of you already know, I “tim ferris” my life to be able to use my time the way I want to.

I run a log on my laptop using MacJournal, which works fine and doesn’t have any fancy features that keep you from staying productive.

I also realized it makes sense to write down daily successes, everything from “been to gym” to “got that deal signed”. writing down successes makes your progress trackable and it gives you a sense of your own productivity. also, you can go back and check if you’re still on target or if you’re procrastinating.

I decided that in 2010 I’ll do a quarterly review of the things I’ve done to get myself on target again and to improve my productivity. it’s not an elaborate load of work, just a few notes and a few bulletpoints. the review doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes.

here’s my first quarter of 2010. things I’ve done:

1. designed a new online music licensing model catering to the film and advertising industry (will be online in april)
2. researched the idea of opening a coffeetruck in munich. (which doesn’t work at this point due to city regulations)
3. I went running 120k in january.
4. started kettlebell training (still doing and loving it. want to get certified in the summer)
5. got a basement room to free the apartment of all our “office stuff”. the apartment is now living space exclusively, no office anywhere in sight!
6. remodelled the apartment into a semi-loft (knocked out some walls)
7. cleaned out my music studio. there’s no more music business stuff in my studio, only instruments and recording equipment)
8. I got an attractive drop-shipping deal from my audio book distributor.
9. I batched all projects throughout 2010 (currently working on 5 big music related projects)
10. got tickets for cirque du soleil on my birthday (wanted to see their show for years)
11. I played lots of shows around town
12. got the design for the “dead on arrival” book (will be available soon)
13. wrote new songs (+few sketches) for the new album “music of ghouls” (basically all songs for the new album are finished and ready for recording)
14. got a revolving stage built and used it in two shows
15. put on a big show with dancers and acrobats. Virtual Reality Circus.
16. connected with new artists
17. started a regular live online stream from my studio (“in the shed with juergen” runs every monday at 7pm CEST)
18. got equipment from a friend for april recording (starting on the new album)
19. started to do solo performances (upright bass & voice) with great success and great feedback
20. learned about dynamic pricing models
21. designed a fanbased funding method for my projects

these are in no specific order. I did all this while still spending half a day with my daughter and wife, basically working half a day. (working includes playing shows and writing music, which I don’t consider work but bliss!)

and what’s to come for the 2nd quarter? more shows, more cool projects to help musicians improve their practicing effectiveness, and a 2 month trip to new york to record parts of my album, hang and have fun!)

btw: any new yorkers out there who hear about an apartment for rent in july and august (pref. in the east village) let me know.

p.s. I’d be interested in your experiences with keeping a log, batching actions and your overall tim ferris experience.

learned enough today?


the two favourite lines I read today:

  1. Fitting in is a short-term strategy, standing out pays off in the long run
  2. If you care enough about the work to be criticized, you’ve learned enough for today

well, I’ve learned enough for today.

3 artist cut-up – tilmann krumrey – klangfest

I’m excited about new projects that are opening up left and right. from sounddesign to festivals to live cut up collages.

met with sabine menne and gabriela weitenauer today to plan our stint at ursula repüblik (26 march). don’t miss this one! the works of 3 artists (sabine menne, gabriela weitenauer and myself) cut up and put together as one big live collage will kill anything that’s ever been invented since sliced bread!

I’m especially looking forward to being part of the exhibition of tilmann krumrey’s sculpture kain & abel mid april at muc852. having met tilmann for the first time yesterday, I feel very fortunate to be working with such an exquisit artist. I don’t want to give it all away so stay tuned for what’s going to be an incredible experience for those who can come out to face the sculpture in the flesh! dates will be announced soon.

then there’s the first ever klangfest in munich (22 may), which I’m delighted about. 29 great bands on 4 stages in one day. bavaria’s music producers and labels are presenting their artists at one of munich’s most prestigious arenas. of course, I’ll be part of it.