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klangfest muenchen – live solo performance of “music of ghouls”

back in may 2010 the first Klangfest Muenchen took place at one of munich’s most prestigious venues. 29 bands played 4 stages all day long. it was organized by munich’s labels and music producers who wanted to show the high quality and variety of this town’s music scene. it was a blast! 10.000+ visitors came out to see great shows by great musicians, plus they got behind the scenes material by visiting the label’s booths which were set up all through the venue’s hallways and foyers.

I was there with my label and also performed solo for an extraordinary audience. I put together some scenes from the performance for you to watch and spread.

I’m in the final prep stage of the recording session today. I’ll record with these cool musicans. the recording will be out in october.

if you like the music, please join my newsletter and/or fuel this project financially and get some great rewards in return (from iPods to a trip to munich)…


everything but mainstream

viktor tesla from salon zur kleinen weltherrschaft interviewed me at klangfest muenchen. talking about how I’m everything but mainstream. love it.


video by nachrichten muenchen

“who’s my audience?” newsletter & giveaways

a lot of times I feel I don’t have any connection to my fans, clients, whatever you want to call them. the people out there, so to say. I’m in the studio working on music or my ideas most of the time. it’s a closed think tank kind of environment, which I love because it provides the mental and physical space to create create create. yet, at the end of the day I often feel disconnected, despite all the social media interaction. something along the lines of “I don’t know who my audience is”.

well, it’s going to change because it’s crucial.

here’s the ultimate newsletter signup.

I started to whip my newsletter in shape. please sign up if you’re interested in my world of “Zen and the Art of Rockstarliving“.

as a start, I’ll give away 3 songs during the next 3 weeks. 1 song per week.

the cool thing about it, these songs have not yet been released. they are not even finished. they are in the progress of being recorded and will be out in october. what you get are exclusive raw tracks from rehearsals and preproduction of the album.


let me know what you think.

  • first song goes out to you may 28th
  • second on june 4th
  • third on june 11th

p.s. if you’re not interested in my music, please tell those of your friends who might be interested. this way you do them a favour, yourself and me.

happy hunting!

listen like a pro

if you’d like to know how pros listen to music, esp. music they get sent by artist, listen to the sampler my friend over at realistic sound made of my last album “dead on arrival“. the album has 25 tracks, some of which are really long. (total play time ca. 85 minutes)

listen to the whole album in only 12 minutes. no record label exec. would spend more time on your album than that, probably even less. I’d guess between 5-6 minutes max. and that’s if the first impression is somewhat interesting to them.

keep that in mind, next time you send stuff to a label.

here’s the sampler:

9 live streams, 2 life challenges, 1 summer retirement

with easter being the start to a new annual quarter I’d like to announce some changes in my life.

9 live streams called “Zen & The Art Of Rockstarliving” I will broadcast here every monday at 7pm (CEST). this time I’ve actually given it some thought instead of just winging it. the streams will still be approx. 30 minutes long and in each stream I will present the following:

  • 1 person who inspires me and/or has some sort of influence on my work.
  • 1 book that I think is worth reading.
  • 1 weekly update of a monthly life challenge (in april the personal challenge is to go minimalist, to choose what posessions I really need and to get rid of all the unnescessary clutter.)
  • 1 “zen & the art of rockstarliving” section during which I either challenge music business assumptions or challenge myself to go superhuman without going the “realistic” route in this business.
  • 1 live performance of a piece of music

I’ll post the program of every stream so you don’t miss any of the news.

there’ll be a second life challenge in may. what it will be, I don’t know yet. suggestions are welcome!

then, starting in june I’ll be on a long summer retirement in sicily and new york city, where I’ll enjoy life, my family, record my new album Music Of Ghouls, and do some extra work to help musicians improve their artistry (that project is still top secret! I’ll reveal it in june).

if everything goes as planned I’ll be in sicily all of june and in new york all of july and august. there’ll be more live streams from either of those locations. I’m especially looking forward to streaming from the recording sessions in NYC.

I’m looking forward to your input, so please, let me know of any chalenges I should try, anything you’d like to discuss etc…

learned enough today?


the two favourite lines I read today:

  1. Fitting in is a short-term strategy, standing out pays off in the long run
  2. If you care enough about the work to be criticized, you’ve learned enough for today

well, I’ve learned enough for today.

bestechung im showbusiness – bribery and showbusiness

this article is in german because I’d like to reach out to fans and future fans around munich, whom I’m going to bribe to come see my show. english translation is below the german text!

ich werde euch hier öffentlich bestechen, um zu meinem Virtual Reality Circus am 12. März ins i-camp Theater zu kommen und/oder um die show als produzent zu unterstützen. dafür gibt es 2 pakete, das

VRC Collective Ticket” und den “VRC Collective Producer“. mit beiden paketen könnt ihr den eintrittspreis und den produzentenpreis um 40-50% senken!

wie das geht? so gehts:


wenn ein minimum von 20 leuten bis 10.März tickets zur show kauft, zahlen alle nur €8,40 statt €14.- eintritt!

wenn das minimum von 20 leuten nicht zustande kommt, gibt es keinen rabatt, dafür aber das geld zurück!

das handbuch zum VRC Collective Ticket:

1. kaufe eine karte: überweise €8,40 via paypal an (betreff: VRC Collective Ticket)

2. kaufen bis 10.märz 20 leute oder mehr karten via paypal, so setze ich alle eure namen auf die gästeliste und ihr seid für €8,40 in der show.

3. kaufen weniger als 20 leute bis 10.märz tickets, so überweise ich euch umgehend am 11.märz die €8,40 zurück!

keiner verliert. ihr kommt entweder billiger rein, oder ihr bekommt euer geld zurück.


dieses paket funktioniert ebenso wie das VRC Collective Ticket. nur mit dem unterschied, dass ihr nicht nur eintrittskarten bekommt, sondern die show als produzent finanziell unterstützt, so dass alle beteiligten künstler und techniker gebührend bezahlt werden können.

vergiss nicht: die show ist für dich 1,5 stunden bestes entertainment und spass, für die künstler sind es ca. 10000 stunden harter arbeit und disziplin, denn so lange braucht ein mensch im durchschnitt, um eine kunst zu meistern.

und so funktionierts:

wenn bis 10.märz 10 leute oder firmen das VRC Collective Producer Paket kaufen, senke ich den preis für das paket für alle beteiligten um 50%, von €400.- auf €200.-

wenn das minimum von 10 leuten nicht zustande kommt zahle ich das geld umgehend an euch zurück!

Inhalt des VRC Collective Producer Pakets:

1. jeweils 2 vip-freikarten (von allen künstlern handsigniert) zum Virtual Reality Circus am 12.3. im i-camp theater in muenchen.

2. ich setze eure namen als produzenten der show auf alle meine websites und social networks (,, facebook, twitter und myspace), ausser ihr wollt anonym bleiben.

3. ich nehme eure namen als produzenten/sponsoren auf in meine pressemitteilungen und in mitteilungen all meiner medienpartner. (ausser ihr wollt anonym bleiben)

4. wenn ihr eine website habt (und wer hat wohl heute keine mehr), gebe ich euch ein widget (powered by peoplezapping), mit dem ihr die show live auf eurer website übertragen könnt und so noch mehr zugriffe auf eure seite generieren könnt.

5. ihr erhaltet ein persönliches video (ca. 3-5 minuten) der show für eure website oder euer protfolio. (das video wird nach der postproduction an euch gesendet. ca. 1 woche nach der show)

Handbuch zum VRC Collective Producer:

1. überweise €200.- via paypal an (betreff: VRC Collective Producer)

2. wenn am 10.märz das minimum von 10 leuten erreicht ist, setze ich alles in bewegung, um euch zu featuren. wurde das minimum nicht erreicht, überweise ich das geld ohne abzüge am 11.märz wieder an euch zurück.


Virtual Reality Circus ist eine veranstaltung von ORkAaN Music+Art Productions und muenchen852



I’m going to openly bribe you to come to the Virtual Reality Circus on March 12th at i-camp theater in munich and/or sponsor the show. there are two packages to collectively drop the prices to the show and sponsorship 40-50%.

1. VRC Collective Ticket

2. VRC Collective Producer

here’s how it works:


if a minimum of 20 people sign up to buy tickets for the show by March 10th, all who signed up get a 40% discount on the ticket price. (€8,40 instead of €14)

if less than 20 sign up, no one gets the deal, instead you get your money back!

VRC Collective Ticket handbook:

1. sign up: make paypal payment of €8,40 to (ref: VRC Collective Ticket)

2. if the minimum 20 has been reached on March 10th your name will be on the guestlist and you’re in at €8,40. (if the minimum 20 has not been reached you’ll get the full payment back on march 11th!)


you’d like to help produce my Virtual Reality Circus, so artists can get paid for their hard work and dedication to give you 1,5 hours of high scale entertainment? (remember, 1,5 hours of high class entertainment for you is about 10000 hours of hard work and study for each individual artist to master his craft!)

thank you for understanding and for being great!

here’s how it works:

if a minimum of 10 people/companies sign up to buy the VRC Collective Producer package by March 10th, all who signed up get a 50% discount on the package price. (€200 instead of €400)

if less than 10 sign up, no one gets the deal, but you’ll get your money back!

the VRC Collective Producer Package includes:

1. free tickets (2 each) for the show on March 12th.

2. Credit of your name on exposed positions on all our websites and social networks (,, facebook, twitter, myspace)

3. we’ll communicate you as our producer/sponsor to the press, so you’ll get extra exposure on our connected networks and partners.

4. if you have a website (well, who doesn’t) we’ll give you a widget to stream the show live on your website and drive extra traffic to your site.

5. you’ll receive a personalized video (about 3-5 minutes) of the show to put on your website or portfolio. (we’ll send the video after postproduction, about 1 week after the show)

sign up instructions:

1. make paypal payment of €200 to (ref: VRC Collective Producer)

2. if the minimum 10 has been reached on march 10th we’ll work our butts off to get you the exposure you deserve! (if the minimum 10 has not been reached you’ll get the full €200 back on march 11th)